New Year’s updates and 1000 visits!

Yay! Happy new year, everyone!
First, I wanted to thank you all for the first 1k visits to this blog, I would never have expected all this curiosity around this little project!
Now I’ll stop wasting characters and start talking about the latest updates:
The Ghost Princess questline is coming out way better than how I was expecting, but I’ll let you judge for yourself when the time comes.
I won’t post any picture of the questline since there’s actually something that can be spoiled and I’d like whoever who plays this to start fresh!
One of the many new areas you can visit only via the Ghost Princess questline: the Graveyard. 
It will probably be quite longer than the others, so at some point I’ll definitely have to update the quests of the “older princesses”, but that’s not urgent right now.
In the extras: the southern region will also host the Dragon Princess I den.

How Dragon Princess den will look at the start.

 As you can see the Dragon’s Den will change depending on the Wealth accumulated from the red dragon.

At the start her palace will look quite modest, but the tint will switch to gold as she gains back all the riches she lost in the intro of the game!
You’ll need sunglasses for all the BLING she will have with a high enough Wealth score.
Slowly, but steadily, she will gain all her gold back!
From here the hatchlings will spawn to raid the southern reigns, like the bandits are doing to the North, but with some twists.
Of course this means that you will be able to visit the fire dragon’s den, and also that, as I anticipated, she’ll have her own questline that will branch widely in the game world.
Like the other ”dragon sisters”, in fact, she will have wider questline compared to the ones of the scaleless princesses, since that she won’t be distracted by a reign of their own to manage.
Now I don’t want to anticipate anything else I added, seeing as the release is drawing near. I hope you’re looking forward to it just as I am.
A great 2016 to everyone! Until next time.


  1. So far i've only played the demo version (0.61) but i would like to know if there is a newer version and if there is may i please have the download link?

  2. Hey there! 0.6.1 is the latest version for now.
    Today I finished writing the new questline for Ghost, so what's keeping us from 0.7 is only some fixes and bugtestings.
    I'll post on the blog when it's ready, with a DL link ofc.
    Thank you!

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