Hey guys. Festivities are over and we’re going back to work at full force!
Version 0.7 is now in playtesting phase, so for today we will focus on the main focus of NEXT update: yea, I’m sure you already noticed the gifs on the right of the main page, I’m talking about the 18+ part of the game.
As you would expect the adult scenes will mainly be starring our hero + the princesses but there will be cases where other monsters are involved. I could also take requests for those.
Typical Hero/Princess sex scene.
But also there will be Princess/Monster ones!
More importantly, while thinking about how to implement them in the game I’ve soon realized that I wouldn’t like long scenes to interrupt the flow too much, so I opted to confine the more complex ones into quests/princess- saving-sequences/towergirl mansion.
However, while in battle, using certain skills will trigger short sex scenes between the princess who used it and the enemies (or a party member if it’s a buff or something like that); 
The sex skills will all be represented by the heart icon, to make them more recognizable.
Typical Sex Skill. What you say? You kids don’t like rimjobs? 
Hopefully I will be able to show you something more in the next days, but for now I’ll put aside the gif-making and keep polishing the new version!
Towerfag out.


  1. First of all thank you very much for putting so much effort in this game, I enjoyed it very much so far and I am really looking forward to the further progress you and your team will make!

    As for your post though: there seems to be a trend to stuff a game with all kinds of sex-related context just because it's an adult game. It's the equivalent to putting all kinds of Halloween bats and jack-o-lanterns in a horror themed game 'because it belongs in there'. Please don't go this path. If you want to have animated sex scenes with a variance of partners that's fine, but please do it in a way that doesn't break immersion. If you found yourself stuck in the woods with a friend surrounded by wolves you wouldn't start to jerk each other off in order to boost your defense stat either. Implement these scenes into quests (for example when you choose not to help the human princess) or as a punishment for losing a fight, not saving a princess when the castle is under siege etc.

    An important tech issue: during playing I had big troubles getting more than 10fps. While looking through your project I noticed that you had around one hundred events with 'parallel process' on the world map. If you need that much it's fine, but I see a major problem with them continuously running. Normally you insert wait commands so they are not running all the time. Depending on what the event is for you should try to run them not each frame either, but even less frequent. For some I think waiting times of five or more seconds are more than enough. Do you really need to check several times a frame whether or not the merchant goes to a new city for example? You also might consider fusing events and dividing the world map into northern and southern part, if this wouldn't pose too much trouble. Until you make up your mind and manage to implement all the core mechanics simply putting a 'wait one frame' at the end of each event will already help a great deal!

  2. Thank you for raising these points, I think it's important to spend a couple words on it.
    First of all: I plan to release a NSFW and a SFW version.
    I see what you're trying to say with the sex-during-battle thing and I can say I agree with you there, that skill I posted was just an example, I didn't spend much time designing/naming/describing them.
    There will be sex-related skills but they won't break immersion ( desert princess luring the enemies with her body makes sense, as slime princess trapping them in her body does ).

    The thing I think it's important to say is that I'm thinking about the game mechanics first, then there's the adult part, that won't even be there in the SFW version.

    About the amount of parallel processes: the game needs quite some, but I noticed the problem already, in fact I spent some days organizing them and calling most of them every 30/60s, when it's not needed to have them constantly checked.
    The version that's coming out is considerably lighter than 0.6.1.

    Thank you again.

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