v0.7.1 release!

Bugfixes everywhere:

  • Seal Tower cannot be bypassed anymore;
  • Ghost Princess can now be invoked as intended!
  • Resolved all/most of all of the screen-not-fading-in bugs, please report if you encounter more!
  • Fairy Princess text is now readable!
  • The optimization patch caused Dragon P II, Merchant P, Assassin P events and many more to not work, so it was removed, the FPS will drop, but I will work to optimize the game in other ways.

I’m not even sure if the saves will be loaded without that script, maybe you’ll have to restart the game.
I announce now that next patch will be all about 18+ events and optimization of the game!

MEGA DL link v0.7.1

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  1. After the desert festival the game freeze if i do this:
    Palace Entrace -> Greet the desert princess -> Stay calm i'm sure she will come back -> what are you going to do? -> give her the shade brace (buy it from merchant in the festival night) -> i know what to do. I'm going to the ruins
    i just want to know what happen next but the game freeze everytime i do this
    PD: Sorry for my bad english but i don't know english very well
    http://i.imgur.com/r3CIT0W.png (i can't do anything after this)

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