Adult scenes? Yes, but not only.

Hey everyone! I’ll anticipate today’s post since I won’t be online for the next 24 hours.

What I want to clarify here is that in the next big update you won’t only see new adult scenes placed randomly in the map.
There will be new quests, often involving some adult sections.
For example there will be missions that will gradually help a princess get back the reign she lost; the first one that will get a mission of this kind is Desert Princess.

I’ll just say that she will get back her throne if she succeeds in regaining back her powers as a succubus, long gone after a life of idleness.

Not into bestiality? I tried to stop her!

The scene you see in the picture above can be triggered only at night and only if the Desert Princess lost her reign in a war (and you succeeded to get her in your team), so it won’t be easy!

Stay tuned for more free updates, or patron me to see exclusive material as animated scenes and more! Thank you either way for your support! REALLY!

In the next couple of days I’ll release another bugfixed version, since there seems to be a bug in the skeleton’s town!


  1. Just want to say I'm trying to give the clockwork heart to the Golem Princess but nothing seems to happen.

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