The Comfy Campfire

Gah, This thing needed a lot of work!
I’m fixing a bunch of things and I’m sure you’ll all like the next version, even if it’s only bugfixes.

Since it has been at least 6 hours straight of bug hunting for today, I took a break to design something that I think was really missing in this game.

After a long day of fighting, exploring and so, finally the night falls on the Towergirls Kingdom.
Our hero would have loved a place to rest his limbs, but until now that wasn’t possible!

When you find yourself in the world map, during the night, pay attention, because you’ll see a new icon flashing in a corner:

That letter in the fire! It’s telling me… something…

Press the C key, so that the Hero and his team will set up a campsite to spend the night together around the fire!

Shit’s full of parallaxes.

Isn’t it a cute campfire? Around the fire you’ll find the Hero and the princesses currently in his team.
You can choose to have a little chat with one or more of them, then head to that warm red tent to finally rest.

In reality, as you decide to enter the tent to sleep the game will check the Lust level of the princesses there with you, then extract one of the girls that satisfy the Lust requirement (if none of them does you’ll just wake up the next day)

But if one of them gets extracted…

Good night ~

So? What are you going to do tonight? Are you going to spend time around the fire with the girls or to discover new secret events around the world?
Back to bug-grinding!

I’ll now start working on a little bonus for the Patrons, the tent here will work as a gallery to view at all the scenes I’m currently working on.
Patron or not, I really hope you’ll love the game!

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