v0.7.2 release!

The labor was long and painful, but finally I’ve finished testin’ up this thing.
There will probably still be bugs around, but nothing game-breaking.

The antilag script I tested last time caused some issues with another script, so I’ve changed it to another one (thank you Victor).
The performance jump is lower but I still get 20-30 fps on a 4 years old i3 laptop; that doesn’t mean I’ll stop working on the optimization, of course.

As for the new version the bugs corrected are really too many to list them all, but now you shouldn’t find any issue in any of the 7 princesses questline.
As always report the bugs you find crawling around!

Here’s the DL link

I remind you that this version has been released publicly since it’s mainly a bugfix for the last one (publicly released herself), but it will be the last one to get released at the same time for patrons and not.

Now I’ll announce what you will find in next version, codename Hot & Fun.

  • Comfy Campfire 
The ultimate comfiness. Just press C during the night to sit around the fire.
Definitely the place where you want to be when night falls on the Towergirls Kingdom.
  • Adult Scenes
Hey kid, wanna /ss/? *snip snap* 

At least 2 adult events per princess, while the Campfire will work differently, with randomly generated sex scenes that will be unlocked with a princess Lust points.
  • Reigns Status Screen
Pressing S in the world map is all you need to open this thing. Technology, OH.
Already programmed it, just have to find cool icons. This should prove himself pretty useful to look at the situation of the reigns you’ve met (the others will show a black screen instead).
Thank you everyone for your continuous sustain, if you like this project cheer for me, or offer me a virtual 1$ coffee via Patreon.
Until next time.


  1. all the kingdoms go to war too fast after you ask for peace and merchant princess doesn't go the slime kingdom at all.

  2. After you ask for peace? I'll check it, ty.
    The merchant goes randomly in all the places, it's just a matter of time.

  3. I think something might be wrong, when it becomes night I can't go to the campfire.

    Might just be that night takes a long time to get to and I'm mistaking it for something else.

    Also I can't open the status screen for some reason.

  4. Decided to lead the Human Princess to victory… That seems to cut the game short and upon it Resetting the variables causes a crash:

    1 – Common Event:035:Game rewind
    Control Switches [0001..0600] = OFF
    Control Variables [0001..0600] = 0

    2 – After Transferring to Map:030:Intro the game will Transfer the player to Map:003:Abandoned House

    3 – As the dialogue plays out it transfers the player yet again
    Transfer Player:Variable [0055][0024][0025]
    However since Variable 0055 was set to 0 it tries to transfer to Map 000 which doesn't exist causing the crash.

    Since this game is expanding perhaps have an option to not reset on victory.

    There is a bug with the movement lockout of the different Castle Towns. If the Player selects something they can't do there is a small window where they can gain control and walk around. I actually like the idea of exploring however it's clearly a bug…

    Diplomacy doesn't seem to do anything as none of the nations will stay at peace for more then a few minutes before going right back to war. Maybe some dialogue as to what keeps them fighting so the conflict could actually be resolved peacefully.

    A bug when fighting the Insect Kingdom with the Golem Kingdom. Trying to have the Insect Kingdom win since bouncing around the Princesses advances the game however they will get stuck at the siege of the former Human Princess's Castle which can't be fought which prevents the Insect Princess from concurring the Golem Princess. Also the Desert Kingdom will be involved in the fighting even if their forces where wiped out.

    Inside the Knight Princess Tent the Treasure Chest will not complete it's move animation with the Player standing right in front of it and puts the game in an endless wait cycle.

    Though the random merchant seems nice for bonus sales a stable one would also be appreciated. Since Potions and Magic Water is rare also I couldn't find a legitimate way to get Antidotes which sucks when Poison is involved and doesn't seem to cure over time. Also it would be nice to upgrade equipment.

    During Desert Princess's H Scene the Player's transparency needs to be turned Off after that's done. Perhaps a debug button or something that would clear any Pictures left on screen and would reset this would be nice.

    In the Towergirl Mansion perhaps add a few scripts to handle custom choices
    Hime – Choice Options And Large Choices would allow you to put more choices on the screen along with making it so the Player can't select a girl that they don't have in the party.

    An alternative for getting the Ghost Princess without killing another Princess would be nice.

    In Map:050:Ghost Town's Cemetery after escaping imprisonment the Player can go back down the ladder again. It's a minor bug yet that area is suppose to allegedly blocked off after you go down it the first time.

    An option to turn off Random Encounters would be nice.

    During the Insect Princess quest I got a Fairy Princess in a bottle, any chance of having her be displayed at the Towergirl Mansion?

    Also any plans to let the Player upgrade that place or restore the Kobold Castle, since the Player is just throwing money around all the other Kingdoms seems a bit fitting to have a Castle of your very own and it would be funny seeing the Kobold Princess react to you sitting on the Throne there.

    The Map:058:Cave of Giants seems to be a work in progress. Entered there and got to the Dragon Princess yet nothing happens…

    Perhaps control the Day/Night transition via Inns or the ability to control the in game clock to set it to Morning, Noon, Evening, or Night. Not sure if the Girl's affinity changes as the days go by but after they where not showing any progress I used the debug flowers and the story advanced along nicely. Would be nice if some town quest would help build that without having to meet the girl especially if the girl refuses to be seen.

    Overall this was fun so thanks for all the effort you put into this.

  5. It's really hidden. It is the village directly above Kobold Castle (really right on top of it) however I think you have to activate it with a button. Not but is there yet though.

  6. The campfire isn't implemented in 0.7.2 however it's basic functions are in the ABS Demo.

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