Deadlines & Progresses

Before we start, thank you again, I’m glad that who tried it liked the new demo and I can’t wait for everyone to give me his impressions!

After this release I’m back working on the main game and there’s oh so much to do:

  • Implementing the new BS
I really like how, if you play carefully enough, you can avoid any damage from enemies. 
I’m considering using Exp points as a currency, leaving the choice of using them to level up or to buy equipments to the player ( level 1 runs? yay ).

The first section of the game is now action packed!

As I’m doing the same for the world map battles I’m also reducing drastically the number of the events in the map; I believe next version will be even lighter.
Also, I’ve split the World Map in a northern and a southern region, with the Battle Tower inbetween.

  • Completely new drop system
It will work like this: drops will be divided in Tiers (from 0 to 10).
Monsters will have a certain range of Drop Tier levels.
ex. a bat will have a Drop Tier range 0~1, meaning that when you kill one you could get an item from tier 0 to 1.
As you kill the monster the RNG dice will roll, you could get nothing at all, you could get money, a shitty item or a slightly less shitty item!
  • Minibosses before saving a princess
You want to reach a princess during a siege? Her guards won’t permit it!
Rush to the princess room to get the ultimate prize!
Two minibosses will probably be ported from the last demo, with some additions of course (call me whatever, but not lazy).
  • Status Screen
This thing is almost ready and will be really useful to keep in check the situation in this expanding kingdom!
This baby boy will have everything you would want to know about your princess!

I’m also writing short biographies that will be accessible from the status screen.

  • Adult Scenes

I’ve got to limit myself if I want this update to be out in a reasonable time, but we will surely have at least 1 new scene per princess, that will start if you succeed to save them!
I want this game to be as clean as possible before I start adding new scenes.

As you can see I’ve got my hands full, but I think I can manage to release the new version by the 15th of February for patrons!
Also, don’t forget the public release of the new demo on the 8th!

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