New EXP/Currency System and more…

After discussing it with the patrons we came to the conclusion that a leveling system like in the Souls game may be fun to implement in the game.
That’s because, if you’re careful enough, you can clear the game at level 1: you just need to not get hit (duh)!
Consequentially, we tought that giving the Player the option to not level up could give more variabilty to the playstyles.

In Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest there will be no gold and no classical EXP points upon killing enemies: killing monsters and enemies will get you a special currency (I’m sure the long time Towergirl’s fans were waiting for them) that you can use either to buy items in shops or convert into EXP points in special places around the map.

Also, weapons and armors won’t have a level restriction, and just for some of them you’ll have to satisfy requirements in the Parent Stats (Military and Political Power) department; except these cases you can equip everything you find around, as long as you manage to kill the original wielder.

But wait, are we talking about drops?
Yes, we are. The game now has a completely new drop system, paired with the action-y battles! I’ll surely post some 1000-words worth screen soon enough.

Thank you again, and brace for more perverted stuff incoming!

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