There will be a great amount of changes in the new version of the game, the one we will talk about today is the Saving-Princess sequence.

Until today when the Player entered a sieged city he was able to choose to rush to the princess from the beginning, and that was it.
You could easily save her from the attacking army and have her join your forces if you had enough affinity with her.
But this is going to change! Why would I talk about it if it didn’t? UH?

Now, when you decide to go save the princess in peril, you will enter a mini-dungeon (or a cutscene depending from the reign you’re in) and at the end of it you will have to fight a Boss!

I’ve ultimated 7 different bosses in these days, one for every princess in the game as of today.
They’re all pretty cool, with unique mechanics and tricks in their sleeves so, to not spoil them all, I’ll show you one in this preview: the Golem Goliath.

Someone might have already faced it in the Battle System demo, but I didn’t just port it.

The stage of the fight: an old dwarven mine deeply buried in Golem Princess tower.
You can have fun pushing the little carts around!
But when the fight starts watch out for the rolling stones!

What could happen if you set that cart on fire while it’s on the bridge?

Succeed to beat the boss and you’ll obtain the key necessary to open the locked door of the sieged princess!
This is enough for this little preview, I’ll show you more before the release!

Lastly, there are GREAT news on the art department, and not just one, but two!
Thank you all for sustaining me during these months, this little project is slowly but steadily getting bigger!

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