Announcements time!

What a day!
I’ve got not 1, but 2 big announcements for everyone:

  • New Princesses!
2 new factions have been decided by the patrons and will be implemented in the main game!
Her reign will be located outside, or should I say above, the Towergirls Kingdom. Ladies and gents’, a little naive and addicted to food:
Angel Princess!

The everlusing shortstack, always fighting between her urges and the desire of a life-time partner:
Goblin Princess!

I know we could call it a day now and everything would be fine, but that’s not the case!
  • Artworks for the game!
Today I’m glad to announce 2 artists that will work mainly on CGs and portraits for the game!

I’m sure that, if you’re here talking about Towergirls, you already know the main guy behind the whole concept:


He’s going to be the author of most of the artworks you’ll see in the game!
First he’ll focus on doing full body portraits for all the princesses, with different expressions and nude poses, while in the meantime he kindly agreed to provide us with 2-3 sketches per time of (mostly) adult scenes.
These scenes will be subject of a poll for the patrons and the top voted one will be finalized, colored and implemented in the game!

Remember when the portraits used to look like this?
Honestly, this is cute as heck, but…
I figured we would need something more advanced, since the whole VNish part of the game will be deepened in the next updates.
That’s why we opted for this style from now on:

Fuwa fuwa ~

This will be the main pose and it isn’t even the final one, there are also different expressions and nude poses for every princess!
The second artist, whose works you’ll see posted in these pages often, is:
                                               alias Boogie, TheBoogie….
                                                                                Boogie Tumblr
Talk about the guest star!
I’ve always been a fan of his, and imagine my face when he, upon knowing that Goblin Princess would be in the game, almost immediately decided to give us his contribute!
He’ll be in charge, for now, of the scenes involving Goblin Princess, but we are currently planning more of them!

(Which princess would you like to see placed in Boogie’s hands? I have a couple ideas but suggestions are always welcomed here)

Feast your eyes with some of his sketches!

Shortstack, green and naughty…
…truly a miracle of the universe.


Considered we will be recieving regularly artworks made by these 2 good fellas I’ve also decided to give new bonuses to the patrons, including:

  • colored, HD and uncensored versions of Gats and Boogie’s works;
  • the ability to vote which of Gats’ sketches is getting finalized;
  • the chance to commission additional poses/costumes for the princesses;
Shortly I’ll present the one who’s in charge of the sprites and tilesets too, but more importatly I’ll better get back to work now. DEADLINES.

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