Preview, expanding team and Patreon rewards

Worked a good 6 hours on bugtesting today and I’m positively impressed by the game, you know why? Because I couldn’t control everything I wanted while playing.

As I was trying to farm some Choco-Dicks the Desert Princess got rekt by the Humans;
after I woke up the skeletons they quickly disposed of the humans in the Desert Town, then in their capital, thus awakening the Insect Princess…

For now, to avoid further chaos, I reduced the population loss of the reigns that are having a hard time balancing resources during war, but that feature WORKS.
In another game the slimes had the smart idea of declaring 2 wars at once without controlling the farm near the Desert Kingdom, and their units evaporated (lel).
Now units loss will be there, but with a decreased rate!

The status screen is ultimated, I added pages even for the reigns you have yet to discover.

4 wars at once and 1000+ population. These bugs are HARDCORE!

Who might it be?

For now only the ”sleeping” reigns will show this screen, but I’ll probably make it so this will be shown for all the reigns where you didn’t manage to meet the Princess.

Today I managed to balance the armors too, since magic was pretty broken.
Now all the piece of armor that gave only DEF give some MDE too (damn you Desert fire mages).

Leaving the gameplay matters apart for a moment, I have really to thank Gats and Boogie for what they did and are will do.
Having their artworks in this game worked greatly to attract more people to join me, so I finally managed to find a music guy, a writer and a couple people for bugtesting related tasks.
I’ll surely present them all after this release.
Oh, and I managed to find the artist I want to draw Sphinx Princess CGs, since her sidequest will be expanded soon! I stumbled upon her works and immediately liked what I saw, can’t wait to show you something!

Now, about Patreon: I deeply thank everyone who decided to support me in this adventure and, while the continuation of the development wasn’t ever at stake, you all helped me greatly to get the resources for the artworks I always dreamed of!

I even reorganized the rewards a little, making sure noone was losing anything in the process:

  • the 5$+ patrons will get ALL the sketches and finished artworks of the game, made from Gats, Boogie or whoever will join us in future! Right now we’re going at a rate of 2 artworks from boogie and 2++ from Gats per month!
  • the 10$+ patrons will be the only ones able to vote for Gats and Boogie’s sketches, while all the other polls (gameplay and art related) will be open for the 5$+ patrons, too!
  • the 15$+ patrons will get exclusive portraits of the princesses with custom poses/expressions/costumes and will be free to choose if that artwork is going to be included in the game or not.
Patron or not, I thank you all deeply, and I promise you’ll have a great fun (and great faps) with this game you’re helping to develop! Through dick, unity.
“W-who said dick?”

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