Kobold Princess preview

After her crushing success in the latest patron’s poll, it’s finally time to see one of the main characters of the game in her new vest!
She joins you from the beginning of the game and is probably the most popular of gen I, the princess of the race that’s always been the punching bag of the western RPGs (what the slimes are for JRPGs):

Kobold Princess! ♡

Before and Now: Kobold Princess discovered a weird trick to become HOT in just 2 days!
I don’t know how the hero will manage to get anything done with her at his side, but that’s not our problem, right?
Thanks again to Gats for this new set of portraits! 
The HD and uncensored ones will be ready in minutes for the Patrons.
Also, we’re now 24-48 hours away from the release of v0.7.3 for Patrons, expect pages of patch notes!

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