New Portraits artist + Desert Princess’ corruption!

Hey, everyone!
I gladly announce that the game is getting yet another great artist to partecipate:
I liked her style from the moment I laid my eyes on it, and I think she’s fit to handle the humanoid-like princesses!


Check her out HERE!
Her first work for the game have been the Desert Princess new set of portraits and, while showing you a preview I would also introduce her Corruption mechanic.

After you manage to hire Desert Princess her quest will ask you to perform a ritual, involving dirty, DIRTY stuff.
If you manage to complete it her aspect will change, the Desert Princess will finally awaken her hidden, nympho part, and will become Succubus Princess!

As a consequence she will get buffed and acquire new abilities to use inside and outside battle!

She’s also the first Princess that will have 2 different poses, there’s another one for the Angry and Sad portraits!
If you’re not familiar with the Stat Distribution System I suggest you give it a look, because finally
the points you put in Love and Lust will have their meaning!

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