Welcome back, everyone!
Still working on the Goblin’s faction, right now all the field wars are working, but there’s still much to do, like goblin units for the new Battle System, the sieges with the corresponding Goblin boss and much more.

In the meantime I’m developing new ideas that will make every game you start more interesting.
Today I’ll present you the HIDDEN STAT VALUES!

Take a look at this screenshot of 2 different level 5 Kobold Princesses:

Find the differences!

As I’m sure all of you can notice they are the same Actor, at the same level, with the same equip but…

the stats are different!
This is caused by ALL the actors having from now on a sort of Hidden Value for all their 8 stats 
(Hp – Mp – Atk – Def – M Atk – M Def – Agi – Luk)! 
The hiddem values for the princesses you hire will be casually decided, even if there will be items that can influence them slightly, so you may find yourself with some stats greatly higher than normal (or lower, eh…)! 
Nothing game-breaking if positive or frustrating if negative but it adds to the diversity. 
Where I REALLY worked with this Hidden Values thing is to make them inheritable.
Let me spout some ideas of what we could do with this: 
A breeding system?
  • The player could decide at some point in the game to have one of the princesses give him a heir;
  • The training of the parents and their Hidden Values could influence the potential of the offspring (skeleton loli daughteru? Ngggggh!)!
A pupil system?
  • A (young) character could join your team and you could decide which Princess should have him/her as a pupil, influencing his stats based on his/her master Hidden Values;
A randomized slave generator?
  • You could send (or go yourself) one of the princesses to search the slave market for fresh, randomly generated, recruits with random stats and random Hidden Values;
  • You could try to cross-breed these to get stronger ones!
These are just some of the ideas that are haunting my dreams these days, I have my preference but I’ll consult my council before I make a final decision!

It’s finally time to go full autist with this! With cute (pure and untouchable) lolis, probably.

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