Evade System Preview

To confirm once again that we’re not holding back with this game, toady I’ll show you a little preview of the Evade System! and point out some of the differences with the Shield one.

Just pressing Left Ctrl makes the character (if he/she ‘s able to dodge) leap forward, ignoring all the hits that would reach him for a short span of frames.

Bats are test subjects once again. Kobold Jump!

A different animation will play, making it clear you dodged it!

Not only that, but if the character dodges, as for blocking a hit with the shield, there will be a short time window to land a Critical Hit!

As usual you will only have a limited amount of  ”charges” before you need to rest from all the jumping around.
This time the charges will be 5 (instead of the 3 default Shield charges), but you will deplete one even if you jump around in the map, while just raising the shield has no cost.

Now it’s time to resume Goblin City where I left it and to prepare new lewd stuff! Be ready for it.

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