v0.7.3 Public Release on 14/03!

Yep, I decided to move the release date one day earlier, since I’m on another business trip on the 15th and 16th!

As I said already the version that will get released is patchable, meaning that bugfixes and additional content can be added later on, without having to download a completely new version!

The patches will be available as .rar files that you can extract in the game’s main folder, that will look like this:

This will make possible to add content and to fix bugs&glitches faster and more efficiently!

On the 14/03 everyone will be able to download v0.7.3 of the game, meaning that the Action Battle System will be all over the game world, that the Status Screen will be fully operational and way, WAY more!
Patch3 will also be already included, with a bunch of bugs fixed, thanks to the help of my dear Patrons!

This version will also present a couple more tweaks:
  • Dragon Princess health will be reduced from 400 to 320;
  • Resting at an inn will now cause the clock to jump 6 hours ahead, making it easier to reach nighttime (it’s very important, since it needs to be night to level up at a campfire).

I hope you’ll have fun with this new version and that you’ll keep supporting me until v0.8 (if the content keeps growing at this pace I’ll need to hire more people to help, if you think you’re up to it feel free to write me who you are and what can you do at towergirlskc@gmail.com!)

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