The Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Team

It was about time I introduce you who’s working on the game!

  • That’s me: 

I’m in charge of the gameplay and of the programming / number crunching.

  • Now let’s start with the creative, fun guys!                                                                    
  • Our precious animator, straight from Japan!
Akai (Pixiv)

He works on everything animated in the game, both SFW and NSFW!
He’s incredibly good, take a look at his Pixiv account!

  • Then there’s the guy in charge of the sound part, meaning Background Musics and Sound Effects:

TAGM (Tumblr)

This crazy, CRAZY guy right now is doing original BGMs for all the areas in the game world! 
He’s going to periodically post some of his pieces in his page, make sure you check it out for a jump back into the 16bit era!

  • Second, but not less important, is our writer:

  KARMA (Twitter/Tumblr)

I’m sure some of you guys already know him, since he posted a lot in the various Towergirls threads as a writefag named KAW.
Right now he’s working toward the characterization of all the different characters in the game, defining in a way I couldn’t do myself their speech patterns and finally making the Hero not a silent one.
We’re also reworking thoroughly all the main dialogues in the game and adding new ones (like the ones for the Campfire’s events)!

  • Then we have the sprite artist:


He’ll be remaking most of the sprites in the game, adding new ones for new characters and Patron-NPCs, while making new BIG sprites for the bosses (Dragon Queen goes first)!

  • Then there’s the artists in charge of the portraits and artworks! First one who agreed on lending us a hand is:

TheBoogie (Tumblr)

At first I could not believe he agreed on helping us, shortly after this game was born. An amazing artist and the coolest guy ever.
  •  And our newest recruit is a talentuous artist: 

NEKOFY (Tumblr)

He’s the maker of some great artworks for Drider, Sphinx, Insect Princess and many more to come!
He’s also a great worker, always willing to go that extra mile that makes the difference!

And with this we took care of all the critical aspects of the game-making I couldn’t manage myself (artworks, musics and dialogues… what am I even doing here?).

All of them are giving me a GREAT help so cheer for them too from now on, and make sure to support us in any way you like, if you believe in this project!


  1. Hello everyone I want to say that the game enchanted me, but I get confused a lot in the missions and in the map the game will be in Spanish because that would enchant me I'm from Argentina XD

  2. hi i have problems with the game i have downloding it but its not starting do i need something or so ?? a rpg maker ? or something else

    p.s sorry my english is not so good

  3. not sure were to post glich reports so i'm going to put it here. there is a infenit seage glich that happens if you try to defend agenst the goblins in the fairy kingdom if you have fully upgraded the goblins and havint touched the fairy defenses at all. this is in the public relese.

  4. Hey there love your guys game and a donor on paetron, just a question though whats the current issue with your guys paetron for a couple weeks it has been under review and inaccessable. Not asking to share any legal secrets or anything but curious if it will ever be back up or not.

  5. Kinda glad to hear these 3 days lasted like 2 weeks for you 😉
    The Patreon page should be back soon, don't worry.

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