v0.7.3 Public Release!

Finally it’s time to release this version for everyone!
I hope you enjoy what we have now, keeping in mind that this is the last version made exclusively from me!
The next one will finally feature everything my little growing team helped me achieve (meaning OST, reworked dialogues and update artworks), while I’ll keep working on the gameplay elements.

The version is already patched and ready to go, but if you happen to find bugs and glitches laying around report them to me and I’ll take care of it asap!

Have fun and feel free to support, as a Patron or just cheering for me and my team if you sense potential in this project!


  1. For some reason no armies have spawned on the map during wars. Am I missing something?

  2. Yep, every character can equip only certain classes of weapons and armor.
    Insect and Skeleton Princess can equip spears, while the Hero can't. You just got shit Luck!

  3. Armies spawn only when certain conditions are met. For ex., even if Golem and Slime are at war, if none of them control the human's city their army won't spawn in the world map.

  4. ok, just two more questions and then I'm done. the first is that I have a buckler but cant use it to block, I know blocking was introduced in a preview but I dont know if it was a preview for this or the next one? The second question is do I still need the princess to get invaded to be able to recruit her? I finished deserts princess path but She basically just says she's busy and in earlier versions you had to save her from invasion to do anything else. Would we even be able to do anything in camp? I cant seem to even talk to kobold princess. (that was actually three questions, but I only ask since I enjoy this game. Also please dont ruin desert princess by turning her into the far inferior succubus princess, cuckolding is a shit fetish and I have literally zero desire to pursue a questline that boils down to: desert princess fucks everyone and everything in sight while you watch. Have fun!) love your game, good luck!

  5. -The shield/dodge systems are ready but will be included in v0.8!
    -Yes, a princess needs to be under siege to be hired. They can't just leave their reigns to destinies if they're not in danger (for now…)

    Thank you!

  6. So I'm very interested in this, as I had only just recently learned of all this “Tower Girl” things. But, I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong to even play it.. I download the public release, and I try to run the game. It says that it requires the RPGVX Ace required. So, I go to click on the RPGVXAce.exe … But, that doesn't work. It opens up a box that says “RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is not installed”… Am I not getting all the needed files? Could it be because i'm downloading it through my Web Browser?

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