Resolution Upgrade!

It had to be done eventually.
The difficult part was searching for a resolution that wouldn’t kill the performances, but I think the one I picked (800×600) will be both satisfying to look at and won’t lower the FPS too much!

It’s a BIG nuisance to resize everything, but I like the result too much to stop!
Have a little preview of Goblin City and a before/now comparison!

Now we’re talking.

The Windowskin is WIP, but I’ll definitely have a custom one + a new font soon.

Since we’re slowly starting to get things done I think it’s about time we decide what are the priorities for v0.8 (besides the Golbin Reign, ofc).
As always I’m open to suggestions, but I believe that it should be enough (find me another game that pumps out so much content each update) if we manage to prepare for the new version:

  • Goblin Reign fully functional
  • Shield/Dodge/Barrier systems
  • Resolution Upgrade
  • At least 2~3 questlines with 2 lewd scenes each (let’s make this a real 18+ game, shall we?)
  • Dialogues rework
  • First part of the OST 

I’m taking the weekend off to work on events to spread around the world; that should definitely make everything more enjoyable!
It’s time for cute princesses and silly SoL quests!

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