World Map Rework

Welcome, ladies and gents!
Today we are proud to present you all the new, exclusive, tileset for the World Map of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest!
I promise I won’t use PR terms like ”awesome”, ”stunning”, ”state-of-the-art”, I would like you guys to express your feelings about it yourself!

Of course it was Revangale, the new team member, who did it, so feel free to congratulate him here or in his blog if you like how the map looks now!

The new colourful style fits the Towergirls world perfectly!

As you can see we chose a more cartoon-y, cell-shaded look compared to the old one, this looks way more vivid and lively.
Now that the basic part of the tileset is done we’re going to work on new sprites for the castles, to have the buildings be way more related to the princess theme (a jelly castle for Slime Princess?), while also working on new sprites for the characters.

I’m also sure that most of you noticed that the map of the northern part of the Kingdom just got a new island: that will host one of the 2 new Princesses we’re going to announce soon!

For this and more (like introducing the Stealth mechanics and more adult scenes), catch you later.

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