New look of the World Map!

We just finished with the new sprites for the castles and this is how the map looks now!

This is just the Northern Map and several locations are still ”hidden” when the game starts!

Full resolution here.

The latest Patron’s poll decided that Goblin Princess will be the next one to get her set of Campfire quests, together with the adult content like Kobold did!
I’m also glad to announce that her main questline is about 75% ready, and we’re starting to approach the release of v0.8.

Anyone who wants to apply as a bugtester, hit me up at!

Talking about gameplay, since I don’t like to do things in the simpler way I decided to change some things up:

The 3-skills system (Shield, Evade, Barrier) I tought to spread on the character roster (g.e. Knight:Shield; Kobold:Evade; Human;Shield; Desert:Barrier; Insect:Evade) will be replaced with a dedicated skill for every party member.
The ones decided for now are:

  • Knigh: Shield
  • Kobold: Evade
  • Slime: Puddle
  • Golem: Shock (Paralyzing AoE, consumes a lot of mana)
  • Skeleton: Avatar (Transformation, 24hrs cooldown)
Golem and Skeleton are the one I’ll work next week! 
I also reworked the stat system, now Agility and Luck have their function in this new Battle System:
  • Agility decreases magic cooldown;
                decreases physical attacks cooldown;
                increase attack damage a little;
                critical attack damage scales with AGI.
  • Luck gives a random chance of critical hits and evasions (50 LUK makes you dodge almost               half of the attacks you recieve).
Likely tomorrow I’ll talk about the bunch of new quests that are getting added to the game!
Expect no ‘kill 10 boar’ mission.

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