Quests Preview – Pt.2!

Let’s introduce the second batch of quests you’ll find in the new version releasing in a month!

What I present you today are 3 quests that are somewhat related to eachother.
They have their own rewards and can be played indipendently, but the more observants of you will find the thread connecting them all while playing.

Let’s start with a new area of the Northern region, the Fairy Forest:

The place is rather peaceful, butterflies flying around, full of trees, fairies flapping their wings…
but if you feel…


You can burn a tree here, slash a bush there…

Faerie Fire (FairyP involved)

But careful, they’ll get mad!
Succeed to defeat them and you will be rewarded with something that can help you reach where next quest takes place (but it’s not the only way to do so…).

The Book-Wyrm (DragonP II)

Keep in mind that just reaching the place and entering the palace will prove itself quite difficult, but I won’t spoil anything!

The Dragon Princess II palace is the place where the blue dragon spends her time studying, immersed in centuries old knowledge.
Disturbing her won’t be dangerless!

She’ll try to convince you to join her little Research Club, sarching for Wizard Master, the bearded sorceror, missing from the realm since a century.

Nigga be like that Harry Potter dude!

That won’t be everything there is for Dragon Princess II: you can also convince the Princess to not eat you (plz) and to join your party, but you can succeed only (or not…) if your Intellect is high enough.
Also, the strict dragon will star in an adult scene (quite hardcore, I must say) that will play if you succeed to enter her private study!

Last part for today:

The Frozen Skull cave (spoilerP involved)

This place, hidden between the mountains of the Southern part of the Kingdom, will spell doom for anyone who enters it, if you manage to find your way in.

You’ll find, near the entrance, a journal written from an explorer, also searching for the great Wizard Master! Maybe you’re moving closer to the truth?

Too bad the place is infested with powerful Lich Knights
You should take care to study her patrol routes and to not get caught, few survived these ancient warriors!

Reaching the end of this cave will mean knowing something more about Wizard Master whereabouts, likely improving your relationship with Dragon Princess II and discovering a hidden, artificial, Princess, conjured by the great wizard himself!

I’m having loads of fun making new quests, the gameworld is looking livelier by the day!
Since today we focused on the quests related to the blue dragon, next time will be the red one’s turn.
Be ready for it!

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