Quests Preview – Pt.3!

Hey everyone!
Here we are again giving little previews of the quests that have been added to the game for next month’s release!
As promised this time we will talk about how Dragon Princess I will become a main actor in this game, without losing her annoying ”let me burn this army just because” factor.

As the intro says, after you defeat the red dragon in the Kobold Mines she goes hiding, trying to rebuild her treasure.
That’s what plunges the Towergirls Kingdom into chaos, losing her main power that kept everyone quiet until that moment.

If you manage to find her hideout the story could take interesting turns…

>Tits on a reptilian

Of course she won’t be well disposed toward you, at least at the beginning, but you can work your way up with her, gaining back her trust and maybe more…

To do so you’ll be called to take probably the most important decision in the game!
Do you think everything was better when she was at the top? You can help her regain her position!
How? Basically you help her get back her treasure!

You can do so in different ways:

  • Donations; you can donate Choco-Dicks directly to her to increase her Wealth Score(WS). A high enough WS can satisfy her winning conditions, getting to see her ending (oh, she will be grateful…)
  • Treasures; the Kingdom has many different valuable treasures, hidden in the most recondite places. These treasures won’t be just randomly dropped, there are quests and hidden events that can reward you with them!
Her sprite is the one I want to see redone the most, along with Dragon Princess II.

You can visit Drider Princess in her ”Madame Drider Boutique”, hidden behind an army of spiderlings, only if you ruin her plans to take over the Golem Kingdom beforehand!

Maybe there you’ll able to acquire her secret method to produce her precious silk??

Another quest that could get you a treasure is the infamous ”Sphinx’s Fortress”!

She’ll be a real prankster during the course, be prepared!
If you freed the Pyramid from Dullahan Princess, the original ruler, Sphinx Princess, will be able to open back her maze of riddles and traps.
Are you a brave enough knight to face it? 
  • Sparing her hatchlings, is also what you want to do to stay in the red dragon’s favor. From now on, as I’m sure you guessed, her little red dragons will randomly spawn during battles! While killing them can slow down her wealth-regaining process, sparing them will secure your relationship with Dragon Princess I!
These little balls of scales and fur are fast as f-, but not as dangerous.
Getting in Dragon Princess I’s will block many other routes, that’s for sure, not everyone will like you helping her, but you may be able to find one or two soft spots behind all these dragon scales (good luck with that…).
That’s why I’ve decided to name her route…

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