Quests Preview – Pt.4! + BONUS

I won’t hide it!
Doing quests is fun, and I like fun things!

Today I’ll present you 3 more quests and a little preview of the new adult scene!

First one is more of a new zone than a quest, but 2 missions will begin here.
It will also help me introduce a new mechanic!
I’m talking about the Dried Riverbank.

River? Check. Cave? Check. Boxes? Check.

As you can see in this state the river’s all dried up, noone without a pair of flapping wings would be able to cross it!
You should try to check it out again when there’s more water in the riverbed, the way to cross it could present itself then…

The place won’t serve only as an obstacle, if the conditions are met in here you will be able to start 2 more quests, but I won’t spoil those just now.
Instead let’s take a look at what lies ahead of the bridge:

the Mushroom’s Cave!
This fungus-filled cavern, seemingly devoid of any kind of threat-y creature, lies in a zone you can access only after overcoming the Dried Riverbank.

You can decide to camp in it, instead of the usual forest zone.
What will happen during the night will be real? Or just a dream? I won’t deny I took inspiration from this Witcher 2’s quest for this event!
We can be sure only of one thing:

No mushroom can harm her. Maybe…

The final part of this quest can be triggered only if you have Skeleton Princess in your team, but what you’ll gain from it will be totally worth it!

One more post-hiring quest for this preview involves Desert Princess.
This one is optional and completing it will permanently change the Princess’ portrait, from the Desert to the Succubus one!
Make sure you consider which one you like more, because even her dialogues will be affected by it!

As you can imagine the entire corruption process will take some steps to complete, each one requiring her giving in to her latent desires and perversions.

Oh you will Princess, you will…

Be advised:
[Tags: bestiality, gangbang, futanari]
It won’t be for everyone, but I’m sure more than one will like it.

And, as a little cherry at the top of this preview:

See you soon in v0.8!

Expected Patron relase: 15/05
Expected public release: 15/06

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