v0.8 Patreon Release: Dawn of the final day!

It’s almost out!
It took a lot of work, from a lot of people, but finally it’s almost ready to release!
All the patrons will get the DL link tomorrow  but you’re free to wait 20/06 for the public release!

That’s why I’m in a good mood so, for everyone, a little art update with sketches of some new designs!

The subjects are Drider, Insect and Sphinx Princess, all thanks to a new artist I’m so happy to have discovered some weeks ago (I’ll introduce him soon enough)!
This month we’re already loaded with new artworks, and there will be more incoming from TheBoogie too (expect more dragons)!


Sphinx Princess in her earliest design.

Yep, Insect Princess will have 2 alternate forms…

… and she’ll be a cutie.

Early design for Drider Princess, just too cute (maybe TOO cute?)

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