Creepy Crawly Progress Update!

Hey everyone!
Spent the last few days intensively testing the game out and balancing some aspects of equips and fights, so that v8.1 plays smoothly and without major issues!
It will most likely eat up my time until the end of the month.

But, once Junes comes, things will start to get really busy!
In the span of 2 months I plan to release another Princess (after the community vote, of course), meaning new portraits, quests, sprites, adult scenes and everything else!

Until then we have just the time to polish one of the side characters, working on her design and on (the first of…) her adult scene!

Right now the fight’s between kawaii and  ~ara~ara spiders. Who’s going to trample (and eat) the other?

Yet another cutie from Nekofy.

Totally unrelated to the game:
prepare yourself for some 3D printed Towergirls T&A! I should be able to show a prototype soon enough!


  1. The Black Widow design is my favorite of the two & I have to say I am really enjoying this game after discovering it about three days ago.

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