1. No, if the Human's reign falls the merchant will be just outside the city.
    Repeating myself here, v0.8.1 releases in less than a week and has a massive changelog.

    Lag as you'll be able to see for yourself in world map and during battles (in v0.8.1) won't be an issue anymore.

  2. Hey, thank you for your help!
    These are all fixed alredy for v0.8.1, besides:
    -the door to the DP II mansion won't open for enemies, you need to be in good terms with her to visit her place;
    -The Sealed Tower is being reworked right now, so you can skip it to get to the South.
    -Dragon Princess I events are being worked on for next update (v0.8.2), just as her questline and various events starring the red dragon.

    Ty again!

  3. Dunno why the comment got deleted but, to stay in good terms with DP II follow this guide:

    -keep INT under 2 while increasing STR/AGI/END
    -wait for her event in the world map
    -(survive it)
    -accept to go to her palace to study
    -reach the frozen continent
    -defeat her ice maidens

  4. also does the desert princess corruption progress work in current version or is that work in progress?
    sorry of all the comments, im testing the game troughtout trying to find bugs etc. to help 🙂

  5. Keep getting an error when certain enemy's begin battle or when certain ones attack:

    Script 'Sapphire Action System IV' line 336: RGSSError occurred

    disposed bitmap

  6. The adult scene with the goblin doesn't trigger. She gets ready and I am able to move and am then trapped in the princess chamber with no escape outside of resetting. (she turns to the side after her text and it just stays that way.)

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