New items Preview: Pheromone Cluster and Soul’s Dagger!

Hey everyone! As promised I have to talk a little about the less straight-forward of the 8 new items that are in the game!

Today we talk about Insect Princess’ dowry, the Pheromone Cluster, and Skeleton Princess’ one, the Soul’s Dagger!

You can get any of these new items in 2 different ways:

  • Saving a Princess from one of DogP’s jealousy fits; 

  •  Talking to a Princess you succeeded to recruit, during the night, around the fire.

Now that we got ’em, let’s get to work!
The Peromone Cluster goes in the Accessories slot of the equipment. 

The Soul’s Dagger is… a dagger!

  • Pheromone Cluster (PC)

When PC is equipped you will have the chance (once every 3~30 seconds) to trigger its effect!
Love is in the air~
All the enemies fighting the active party member will be entranced. They’ll blindly follow the Princess for a short time and take damage, based on the Princess’ Magic ATK!
More enemies more the damage spreads, decreasing its effectiveness.
The activation rate and the damage dealt also depend on the Lust points of the fighting Princess.
Remember that if the Knight equips the PC the damage it inflicts will always be 0, so you’d better give it to a lady! 
  • Soul’s Dagger (SD)
Let’s have Dog Princess equip this new toy (not all the party members are able to equip daggers but DogP, SkeletonP, SlimeP and KoboldP can).
Let’s fight giant spiders!
Dealing the killing blow on ANY enemy, while using the SD as main weapon, will trigger its effect…
The SpiderDog is born.
Our party member will transform, taking the shape of the last enemy we killed!
Taking damage, switching character and using skills will revert us to our original form.
Is this everything? No, it isn’t! While transformed even the enemies won’t be able to tell us apart from their peers.
Behind the enemy lines.
This is making me want to improve the Stealth System once again, differentiating enemies that can alarm others to the ones that will just go for your throat… 
for now I’d better stay focused on what’s missing for next update (but I already know that once it crosses my mind it’s already too late to go back)! 
I hope you liked this preview! Next item that needs to be previewed is GolemP’s Eternal Key, for the other ones a couple lines should suffice, but there’s still so much to talk about! Night~

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