New items Preview: Eternal Key and Desert Oil!

Second part of the new items’ preview today!

This time the talk will be about the Eternal Key and Desert Oil!

  • Eternal  Key (EK):

You can get it only by saving Golem Princess, but once you have it in your hands any character can equip it.

This is how it works. Every 10 seconds, the actor equipping the EK will see 5% of its max MP restored and gain 1 EK-counter (-> +1 to all its stats)!
That actor will keep accumulating EK-counters until their number equals the actor’s Level.

The EK-counters counters are resetted after the party member dies or get switched out.

This item proves its worth mostly during big battles and boss fights, boosting all of the fighter’s attributes!

  • Desert Oil (DO):

You’ll acquire this item after saving Desert Princess but, as usual, anyone can use it!
Equipping the DO not only permits the party member to dual-wield weapons (or shields, for maximum keks), boosting greatly one offensive power, but also increases the Dodge rate of a not-so-shabby 50%!

Keep in mind that this increase is not absolute, but relative, meaning that a party member with 10% dodge rate will see it boosted to 15%, not to 60%!
Use it to make the most agile party members even harder to get hit or to give a chance of dodging to the tankiest ones, like Ghostp or GolemP!
On a side note:

Mouse3D project will see the light today, the first figurine of characters from the game is now being printed! 
Click the picture for a 3d preview!


  1. Hey, I'm new to the game, and I'm wondering: how do you recruit princesses other than kobold princess?

  2. Welcome then!
    You usually recruit Princesses by building the relationship with them while they're ruling their respective reigns (visiting them, talking to them, giving gifts), then saving them from a sieging army. If you did a good enough job they'll escape with you from their castles. Exceptions are Dragon Princess II and Dog Princess (wait v0.9 for her) for now, they can be hired in a different way from the others.

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