v0.9 pre-release and Body Movin’, Body Movin’ ~

Good news, everyone!

In less than a week v0.9 will recieve her final bugfixes, then release for the Patrons by 12/08!
Public release will be decided soon, since there are many, MANY things going on right now.
The latest of Patreon’s stretch goals the game reached talked about searching for an animator to do an intro for the game. 
After having found the japanese friend capable of helping us I couldn’t stop my hips anymore, and that’s how we’ve got to this: the game will have animated cut-ins playing during battles!
There will be, as a standard, 4 unique animations for every party member (you do the math, Dog Princess is the tenth possible party member) that will play when the girl is “grabbed” during battles!
Things like one’s Lust points and the number of times she has undergone such “acts” will influence how many of these 4 scene may happen. Are you a bad enough dude to keep your Princesses pure? Or will you push them to depravity?
These are some works of our new artist (the ones I could post here, you’re free to search for more, “…but you’ll have to find it first! I left it all in One Piece!”), go ahead and say he isn’t just perfect for us!

Kobold Princess will be the first one getting hers, the first 2 will be ready soon!


  1. So… If I got it right I'll be happily playing the game, when suddenly A random mob will grab my princess and ntr rape her right in front of my character ? And if I want to avoid that, I have to avoid h-ing princesses… In an adult game ? Uhhh could you please, PLEASE add a disable animations option ?

  2. H-ing princesses, from next version, won't require Lust points, only Love ones (mixed with other game-related factors). When you put points in Lust, you're powering up her seductive abilities, she'll do it (seduce) more efficiently ( see the new items, like Pheromone Cluster) and inflict more damage while doing so… But you'll risk her getting raped. I think this solution won't leave anyone dissatisfied.

  3. Hello. My question does not have to do with the latest version of the game but rather a question regarding its content. I know that Dragon Princess 1 cant join your party, but what about Dragon Princess II? Is she in the game yet? And if so can she join your party? Also, is it possible to get to the island she inhabits in the public release version of the game? If you could get back to me that would be great!

  4. I think i may have found a bug. I was just playing the game minding my own business when i went into the broken bridge area near the skeleton princesses castle.I jumped in some hole a few times and then when i left i found that i could move anywhere around the map! even through the mountain barriers! (keep in mind that this when i was starting a new playthrough). Like i can walk across the ocean and see the the dragon princess two early. And considering that i dont think i was supposed to be there, i think i might have broke the game… Please help and let me know if there is some way to fix this.

  5. Hey! Dragon Princess II is in the game and you can reach her island in the public version. There's a way to recruit her in v0.8.1, but that won't be so easy from v0.9. Got big plans for that nerd.

  6. Thanks! I was hoping she was in the game. However i do have one more question, How do you get to her? You don't have to tell me the answer outright, but a hint or some thing would be greatly appreciated!

  7. You'll need to either do something in the Fairy's Forest or in Insect Princess questline before you can reach the icy continent.

  8. Searched the broken bridge map in and out, but nothing there can trigger that passability bug. Maybe something you did before? However, I did add a command that fixes that kind of problem everytime one enters the world map.

  9. Well i think i might have (sort-of) figured out how i triggered the bug. I always sprint everywhere when i'm playing the game, so i think i may have triggered it by sprinting when entering a new area. BUT, i also have another theory, you know how in the ghost castle, there are these things that allow you to walk through walls? well i think that they might also have some thing to do with it…. BTW, what is the command that fixes bugs when entering the map world?

  10. OH, and one more thing, after i triggered the passivity bug, my game CANNOT save progress. Like even if ill save the game, but when i close the game and start it up again, i cant load any of my saved games! i think that i may have screwed up somehow when using WINrar, but i'm not sure.

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