v0.9 Patreon Release!

Well, it looks like v0.9 is finally ready for its Early Access!
Public Release is set for: 20/09!

It’s like Sk*rim with Princesses!

Rough Changelog (v0.9):

-fixed destroyable objects, now you need a fist weapon or a hammer to break them;
-the oasis in the desert is now open, regardless of slime princess event playing or not;
-campfire scenes’ Lust points requirements have been almost completely eliminated, now mostly Love points will be needed;
-a wrong variable check stopped GhostP from being recruited;
-added Sphinx’ Fortress and Lamia Princess in the pyramid;
-added Dog Princess;
-added Dragon Princess I’ questline;
-an approximately endless number of other bugs fixed.


  1. hi i have a bug report, if this is the right place for it. when doing the dragon princess I quest, and donating the choco dicks, she will som times repeat the talk scene 2 or more times in the scenario where you get a sword and shield from her.
    also i really like the game. good luck and hope it helps.

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