Corruption of Campfires

Sup! There are many things I need to talk about today, better start immediately!

First: Kobold Princess got her first 2 animations (bot with loop + cumshot), they are little masterpieces of pixels and I can’t thank Akai enough for the help he’s giving us!
Next “victim”, as I said, will be the winner of the “Princess Renewal” poll so, in all likeliness, Slime Princess.

Let’s talk about new gameplay elements now!
Temperature’s rising at the campfire, now the Knight and his Princesses will be able to have “adult intercourses” at night!

Seamless looping, different speeds and cumshots. Gotta love camping!

They will occur if you didn’t trigger any other “night event” and, since this isn’t rape, if the Princess likes you enough.
How is that determined? Easy.

  • Love, because that expresses the affection of a Princess towards you, who shared a lot of adventures together with her.
  • Lust, since this stat influences a Princess’ inclination to do lewd stuff (from next patch GoblinP will start with 1 point in Lust by default). There’s no negative acceptation in Lust, it’s the healthy desire to have sex.

There are differences between the adult animations that play during the battle-rapes and the ones during nighttime at the campfire.
The rape damages your Princess HPs and, if you don’t break free, it will reach the climax, KO’ing her.
In the tent, instead you can go on for as much as you like, without risks for your health!

*When there will be pregnancy* The rapes can get your Princess pregnant…of a monster. Doing it in the tent can get your Princess pregnant…of a Knight!


  • Corruption. You won’t be able to put points in there just by leveling up. Instead, getting raped does the trick, most of all if the climax is reached.
    High Corruption means that your Princess will be willingly giving herself either to you or to your enemies and she will gradually lose stats until she breaks.
    A broken Princess won’t be able to trigger quests for the entire playthrough.
    You can heal one’s Corruption in the “churches” (but they will have many different forms) I’m placing around the map, but once you reach the limit there’s no coming back!
One particular Princess will benefit of Corruption, unlocking a new form instead of breaking. Can you guess which one??
Last thing:
The old Status Screen for the party members is getting replaced. The new one will look better and show more stuff (including the adult stats).


  1. That's great news Akai doing an amazing job I'm glad he's on the team.

    Nice to see that camping is going to be a bit more interesting and with the ability for the Princess to get pregnant makes me hyped that will be getting closer to the breeding system soon its total gonna be worth the wait.

    Its interesting to see Corruption works it seems to have its pro's and con's that's gives the player a bit of a difficult choice I really like this. One particular Princess will benefit of Corruption? Now, I have about two Princess in mind but I'm gonna say its this mystery Princes You've been teasing.

    The new status screen is looking a lot cleaner now, I like how it looks.

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