v0.9 Patch-1 released for Patrons! And…

Hey everyone!
The first patch for v0.9 released for Patrons!


  • HumanP/DogP yandere event fixed;
  • DragonP II appearance event fixed;
  • DogP campfire scene 1 fixed;
  • Dragon Princess I scene 5 loop fixed.
I’ll release the next one as more get reported! But now… let me present you a new friend? of  us!

She doesn’t look trustworthy, I know, but always remember that hips don’t lie.

Little is known about her… is she a Princess? Can we trust her? Can we THRUST her?! And what is she doing in Dragon Queen’s castle?

Everything will be revelaed in the next version of the game, when the first of the dragon’s routes will finally see its closure!


  1. Now I'm very interested in knowing about her more now. I do hope she'll be a companion and breeding partner. I'm wondering what kind of lewd mischief she'll get us into….oh my.

    Having some new Princesses like her around is gonna be pretty awesome the hype is real!

  2. Let's hope that this Princess can keep the “doggy” under control! 😀
    Why do I now have the urge seeing her ride on Dog-Princes while Anon-Knight leads Dog-P around with a collar/leash and her on all fours?… Hmmm STRANGE
    “Who is a good doggie? Yes you are a good doggie!”

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