Taverns & Inkeepers

Hello everybody!

A HUB is in the making and it will take the place of the old Mansion.
Not only you’ll be able to “deposit” there your party members but it will also host a shop and the “Knights Inc.”, that will be your main source of quests.

That’s not all: traveling swordmen always ready to challenge you, other knights offering their services for a fee, different patrons depending on who’s controlling the resources needed to the tavern…

But nothing of that will be possible, until…

Getting ready for the grand opening

…until we find the rightful owner for the “??? Tavern“!
Who’s going to be the Inkeeper? A Princess surely, but who?

We’ve got 3 candidates for this “throne”:

  • Dwarf Princess, the Beer 
  • Faun Princess, the Wine
  • Holstaur Princess, the Milk

    Who’s going to win the ultimate war between beverages?!
    The poll is happening. NOW!


    1. 'Scuse, but isn't Holstaur Princess one of the Big 20 (at least at the moment, as she has no Patreon protection)? Don't quite get how she's a candidate for Barkeepitude.

    2. Yep, she was intended to be one of the 20, but considering that last time she got only the 5% of the votes while now a lot of people are voting for her, I think that maybe this new role could suit her better.

    3. Cool cool, I follow that, but it does beg who'll take her Reign spot if she gets the job. If she doesn't I suppose she'd keep it? … So, is runner-up getting it otherwise? Do you have someone specific in mind for it? basically i'm trying to nudge you into giving me your secrets, you see, but shh, i'm being subtle about it

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