August 2016 Patreon Rewards!

Thank you again, everyone!
Your generosity is fueling this project to new limits, to points I wouldn’t have imagined when everything started, almost a year ago.

That’s why for this month, as a little bonus, I’ve got a surprise for you all~

Nobody expects Goblin Princess’ new portraits!

Seriously, those thighs!

I had her silently remade to speed up the old-Princesses-renewal project considerably, for your and my pleasure (and I’m pretty sure Boogie is physically affected by her too).

If you’re following this project and would like to see us doing more animations, dialogues, maps, portraits, artworks, musics for the game consider supporting us~

Back to the topic of the post: August’s rewards are being uploaded, any minute by now!

Thank you Akai, TheBoogie and Nekofy for your work!

Look forward to Holstaur and Faun Princess artworks incoming soon!
Who’s going to be this game’s Inkeeper?


  1. I really hope its the holstaur princess since she looks to be a futa and we haven't seen one in the game yet. Also cant wait for slime princess scenes in the game!

  2. well then actually you might hope that holstaur doesn't win, because then she has a shot at staying as one of the main 20 like she's currently listed as instead of being demoted to innkeeping. just sayin'

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