Hello everyone.
As promised, here’s the sketches of our candidates!

Needless to say, the entertainment offered by the tavern will change drastically depending on the winner!

To everyone thinking that this spot is a demotion from the status of “throned” Princess, consider this:

  • You will have to visit the Tavern and to talk to the Inkeeper, regardless of the route you’re playing;
  • She will have her own route (who am I to deny some lovin’ to one of these 3);
  • The Tavern is cozy as hell!
  • We will take extra care to make her interesting and you will want to check the Tavern to talk with “her” every now and then;
  • She won’t risk getting killed by an invading army (we’ll talk about why…).
While you’re here have a little peek at Moth’s Forest too! I have a couple ideas about her “perks”, but I’ll better make sure her army won’t end up overpowered (that’s Insect’s and Skeleton’s spot~)!
My feet hurt. I can’t see shit. That rock is staring at me. I wish I was in the Tavern drinking beer.
And now: go vote! I won’t say who I’m rooting for, nothing’s decided, there’s hope for all 3!


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