v0.9 Patch-2 Release!

Hello guys.
The second patch for v0.9 is out! I hope this solves the problems you reported.


  • You can now leave a sieged castle without doing anything;
  • Tweaked the moving platform in Sphinx’ Fortress;
  • Going to save Sphinx alone (no Kobold nor Desert Princess in team) should work as intended now;
  • Desert Princess’ speech after you save Sphinx ends without looping back now;
  • Assassin Princess now appears correctly in the map after you deal with Human Princess;
  • Fights and events in Dragon Princess II’ castle entrance have been fixed;
  • Golem/Dog Princess yandere event fixed;
  • Completing Sphinx Fortress for the 2nd time (and onward) now works correctly.
And now… a little teaser:

Tower-Harvest?! Rune-girls?!
What does it mean?!


  1. It will work more like a resource-gathering/strategic-points-conquering for the reigns (the Tavern will be involved too). I love farming sims, but for now it's better if we focus on improving the Strategic (like this one) and RPG-like elements.

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