New Menus~

Hello everyone!
Before we start: the poll for the Inkeeper will close in 24 hours, make sure to vote if you didn’t already.
The Cow is getting dangerously close to Faun Princess!

Now. today I’ll present you a couple features I’m adding for the next version of the game.
Since we’re adding more sex for the girls (they can get raped in any fight) and we’ve got to prepare for pregnancy, one thing we needed the most: a Lewd Stats Menu!

Akin to the Violated Heroine one, this menu will show at first glance the status of the character, giving us precious informations about her mental sanity too!
Increasing her Skill Level (Lv) will make her slightly more resistent to corruption and inflict more damages to the enemies when involved in the respective acts.

The Pregnancy window will show the status of her uterus.
I’m adding a new stretchgoal to make unique sprites for all the windows of the menu (Oral/Anal/Vaginal/Pregnancy mainly), right now I’m reusing assets from the animations.

Don’t forget to train your Princesses regularly at the campsite, they will be safer during the fights!

The second menu we’re adding is the infamous Quest Menu!
When you get a quest at the Tavern or you recieve a request from a Princess everything, included objectives, client, rewards or the location, will be shown in the menu you can access simply pausing the game!

The knights’ “guild”, or Knights INC., will be a massive source of repeatable quests!

The objectives you complete will be greened-out in the Quest Menu so you’ll always know what are you missing to complete all the objectives.

All the quests in the game are being reworked for this new system and, of course, I’m adding a lot of new ones, it feels way more satisfying now~.

I hope you’re looking forward to these new additions just like I am! Until next time!


  1. Bunch of questions. First, the new stat screen isn't replacing the current one right? It's a lewd version that'll go alongside it?
    Secondly will the quest system be able to raise your affinity with princesses or their kingdoms?
    Finally will the pregnancy window take the place of unique pregnant sprites/images of the princesses or will we get those?

  2. 1)The current one will be reworked, but yea, the Lewd one isn't replacing it!
    2)Exactly, there will be quests that will reward you with Affinity!

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