v0.9 Patch3 released!

The third and final patch for v0.9, likely the same that will be included in the public release if nothing game-breaking pops out before the 20/09, is out now!

v0.9 Patch3:

  • Fixed an error that caused the player to TP to the standard battle map even when he was supposed to fight in the swamp/mountain/desert one;
  • Dog Princess stopped appearing at the campsite before you recruit her;
  • Fairy defeat message in their forest plays 1 time now;
  • Fixed some walkable tiles in Dragon Princess II castle;
  • DP II sprite in her study appears correctly now;
  • The Chef Boss now falls correctly in the trap;
  • Human Princess’ sprite now isn’t visible sitting on her throne during sieges;
  • Drider/Golem Princess awakening event now plays correctly if you leave and reenter the throne room before defeating Drider Princess;
  • Fixed Kobold Princess’ sprite during campfire events #3 and #4, as Knight’s movements during event #4;
  • Mole’s Boss map isn’t pitch black anymore;
  • Spiders in Golem’s tower now respawn correctly;
  • The necromancer in Kobold’s Castle (after the intro) now can die. So much for a necromancer;
  • One of the golem’s units was sometimes causing the battle to end when it shouldn’t. Fixed;
  • The Dragon hatchling now doesn’t disappear right after the message announcing him;
  • The stones in the Gargoyle Boss room disappear correctly after the fight;
  • Several fixes in the pyramid, including the most severe one, that caused Crest Princess to leave the place before the fight (resulting in the Knight being trapped forever in the Pyramid);
  • Frog Princess now asks money for her “potion”. 

v0.9 Patch2:

  • You can now leave a sieged castle without doing anything;
  • Tweaked the moving platform in Sphinx’ Fortress;
  • Going to save Sphinx alone (no Kobold nor Desert Princess in team) should work as intended now;
  • Desert Princess’ speech after you save Sphinx ends without looping back now;
  • Assassin Princess now appears correctly in the map after you deal with Human Princess;
  • Fights and events in Dragon Princess II’ castle entrance have been fixed;
  • Golem/Dog Princess yandere event fixed;
  • Completing Sphinx Fortress for the 2nd time (and onward) now works correctly.
v0.9 Patch1:
  • HumanP/DogP yandere event fixed;
  • DragonP II appearance event fixed;
  • DogP campfire scene 1 fixed;
  • Dragon Princess I scene 5 loop fixed.
  • Assassin Princess appearance event fixed


  1. Later today I'll release v0.9 with patch4 for everyone. I'll upload to MEGA and somewhere else for whoever can't access it.

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