Status Update and Animation Poll!

Hey everyone!
Today I’m glad to announce that as of now I almost finished working on FPS optimization and on the problem regarding the memory leaks the game suffered as playtime increased.

For the latter: thank you, Killozapit, for your awesome cache-clearing script! I modified it a little to stop it from disposing of bitmaps I needed during battles, but now the game runs constantly better, without decreasing its performance after a couple hours.

58~60 fps in the Kobold’s Mines. Not bad, coming from ~40.

Back to fun fun things: as you may have noticed there’s a new Poll running in the game’s Patreon.
It will be a monthly thing for adult animations decided from the players.
First thing needed to be decided was the genre, between:
  • Knight X Princess
  • Monster X Princess
  • Princess X Princess
This time Knight X Princess won and we’re currently deciding who’s going to be the Knight’s partner!
Hope you’re looking forward for v0.10 coming out on 1/11, as long as nothing major happens!


  1. Just got done with the demo and loved it, hope to see more great work in the future! Looking forward to seeing more of the Kobold Princess!

  2. She has to enter war with someone. The easier way is to give the Spicy Sauce to Slime Princess.

    The latest public version, if you have ONLY “v0.9Patch4+Dragonlingsfix.rvdata2” is updated.

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