Balancing and Diplomacy rework!

Like v0.10 needed more features!

One of the few complaints I had with v0.9 was the increasing focus on the VN/adult part of the game, while leaving the gameplay to the side.

With this new version we’re not leaving anything lagging behind.

While yes, there will be: 

  • new animations and the Corruption/Battle Rape/Adult Stats new systems; 
  • 2 new adult scenes made by TheBoogie
  • many new portraits, like Goblin and Slime reworked ones, Lamia and Dusk new ones.
    Also, now they’re all scaled to be proportionate with the height the Princesses are supposed to have. 
Many aspects of the gameplay have been reworked:
  • the new “Knights INC” (the guild) can provide the player with, as of today, 15 new repeatable quests;
    They’ll reward the player with Affinity Points (if you work for one of the Princesses), new equipments and will get the Player to know better all the reigns.
Who said skeletons don’t need to heal their wounds?? Get what they ask for from the chests and place it on the counter as fast as you can!
Bet your Choco-Dicks in the completely randomized cow race and cross your fingers! There are obstacles and power-ups on the course. Expect to rage, in a blue shell way!

  • the new quest system affects many of the old “quests”, like Kobold quest for her precious plug, Insect Princess quest for the eradication of the human rebels or Golem Princess Clockwork Heart quest.
This way it won’t be a problem to keep track of everything you should be doing!
  • the Diplomacy in the game is completely reworked, the game has been balanced to not favor too much the reigns that have been “active” for longer.
    As a consequence sieges won’t take too many battles to get lifted and…
The Tea Party!
The knight will be asked by the guild to guard over the reigns’ representatives during the Tea Party (Northern and Southern Princesses will held different parties).
During these events Princesses can fight eachother, sign secret deals, influence (positively or not) the diplomatic relations between eachother, support the Knights INC. if they’re satisfied with your job or… well often they’ll just chat, they’re girls, you know.
At the end of the Tea Party you’ll be announced if new wars or alliances have been declared.
With this new mechanic working (perfectly, if I can say so myself) I decided to eliminate the “starting war” we used to set things in motion.
The Towergirls Kingdom will start in peace but, well… good luck maintaining it!
Oh, thank you for voting in the poll!
Dragon Princess I won and will get her first animation with Knight!


  1. The new diplomacy system with actual gameplay actually seems so much better than the random : “two reigns suddenly are suddenly at war”. A mechanic overall full of potential, nice work devs.

  2. For fuck sake! I've been trying to not play the game at all, so that I can fully experience it once it comes out, but it's getting harder and harder! Especially with the new corruption and battle-fuck systems, which are my favourite things in H-games! How long do you think the game will stay in development TF? Because I don't know how much more I can take before I break D:

  3. There are 2 alternate outfits right now, we stopped adding them since many Princesses were going to be reworked. It would have been a waste.

    In the meantime we developed the system to fully change the portraits whenever a Princess is wearing a costume or another, it works greatly and we'll be back adding alternate skins and costumes soon.

  4. For your own sanity, make sure you at least play v0.10 when it gets released.

    Development time? I wouldn't know, this thing is getting pretty big, I wouldn't want to leave any loose end.

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