v0.10 Patreon Release! New rewards for everyone!

FFFinally the wait is over! The new version of the game is out!

“New version ‘ya say? I bet there’s nothing new in there!”


  • New Battlerape system!
  • 7 new adult animations!
  • Slime Princess’ reign and quest reworked!
  • New adult scene featuring Slime Princess!
  • Dragon Princess I questline ending!
  • New Corruption system!
  • Our Lord’s Church added to cleanse impure Princesses!
  • New Intro sequence!
  • New Lewd stats menu!
  • Faun’s Tavern is open!
  • “Knight’s INC.” and new quest system (17 new quests + 10 reworked ones)!
  • New portraits for Slime Princess, Faun Princess, Goblin Princess and Dusk Princess!
  • New message window!
  • New enemy detection system!
  • Fullscreen mode (F5)!
  • Diplomacy reworked!
  • Memory load issues solved!
  • FPS issues solved! (50~60 FPS in almost all the maps where you can move, a 5-6 years old i3 notebook can manage 25~30 FPS pretty much everywhere)
  • Many, MANY, bugs fixed, I can’t possibly list all of them, but to say one the moving platform in Sphinx Fortress’ isn’t a problem anymore!

Known Issues:

  • World Map still takes longer than the other ones to load.
  • Rain still cause a light FPS loss in the World Map! Fuck rain!
One last thing! From now on there will be a major change regarding the development:
  • Test Releases! We’ll begin with 1 new release every 2 weeks. This reward has been added to the 5$ tier!

“Why Test Releases?”

  • More feedbacks from the users;
  • More transparency (and unlike many, we ain’t afraid of it);
  • There’s always something new to show;
  • Reduced stress for the Team, since we can give you something new to play more often.

Thank you, I hope you have fun playing!
~The “Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest” Team


  1. I don't know if it's been mentioned before but I keep getting an error when I talk to the guild clerk woman. http://imgur.com/a/8bGC6 .
    Admittedly, this is after using the max guild rank cheat because I started a new game but didn't want to redo all the stuff again, but I have next to no knowledge about anything programming/coding/technical.

  2. Sorry to bug here but when I try to play the game from the beginning I get a crash with a notice missing graphic throne room.

  3. I'm getting an error where every time I camp, the scene where ??? comes to threaten me and coyly suggests overthrowing the queen plays, then the night ends. Since it happens without fail, I can't level up anymore

  4. That's pretty strange, that scene is supposed to play one time only. I know what's giving you that error, but it shouldn't, if that makes sense…
    BTW now I've removed what's causing it for you (still, I don't know why it keeps replaying, but this way you won't be transferred here when you enter the campfire with “C”).
    Wait next patch and you'll be all fixed up!

  5. Got an error when you finished the DP1 quest line and start over, and enter the mines, somehow I'm stuck in the area that's blocked when there's fire all over. Great ending btw lol

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