Moth Princess and other W.I.Ps

Sup everyone!
As you may know, next Test Release will feature a new adult scene (with AssAssP), the stats and damage rework (with Base Stats a la Pokèmon), and the routing system for the traveling NPCs!

New animated scene made by Akai for AssassinP!

Let’s leave the routing system awesomness for another time, I’ll just say, for the ones that aren’t familiar with the whole custom-NPCs thing we’re adding to the game, that this new feature makes possible for a NPC to travel around the Kingdom, looking for battles or to help the Princesses he/she likes if the lady finds herself in danger. That’s the basic thing, as I said, I’ll make a dedicated post in the blog covering everything you need to know about it.

Since I had a little time on my hands (HA! LIES!), I started working more intensively on getting Moth’s Reign ready as soon as possible!
Her reing won’t be locked when the game starts (like Insect/Skeleton/Ghost), but reaching her reign won’t be easy as for the other reigns available from the start.

As you’d expect, Moth’s Reign and questline will be strongly related to the day/night cycle. During the night her troops will be quite stronger and you’ll be able to talk to her, but when the sun is high her troops will be weaker (both against you and other armies) and she will spend the day napping in her nest!

Their fighting style will be more dependant on status rather than pure damage, but I’m working on a couple tricky units that will be able to cast illusory magic that will make the fights the moths quite challenging.

At the same time we’re reworking Golem Princess like we did with SlimeP, since she’s the winner of the 2nd “Princess Renewal poll”. Expect to see more of her soon!

Enough for today, gotta get back to work!

For all the public users: v0.10(+Patch4) releases by the 20th of Dec and next Saturday (3rd of Dec) for 1$ pledgers!


  1. Not that I don't enjoy the gameplay or anything, it is actually pretty interesting, even if you have to figure out on your own how to reach the other kingdoms away from the main area but do you intend to add an option/gallery on the menu later on? With the sex scenes, that is.

  2. From what I can see you still need to unlock the scenes first. So yeah…That still means you will have to figure a way out to reach them, and probably make different runs in the game depending of the requirements. By a gallery I meant an open gallery, without needing to unlock.

  3. Ah. I didn't know patrons had full access to the gallery without needing to unlock them.

  4. The new version will give directions? Thank god! I will be waiting for the public release, because for now I am completely lost! I am not sure if it is possible to get a peaceful ending in this game, but I had been trying to avoid siding with a Kingdom and just trying to make sure one won't destroy the other. But I have no idea if that's even possible or if you can progress on the story that way.

    Plus I think there is a glitch with the max affinity thing, when you visit a princess to ask them to stop a war against a certain kingdom, it says they aren't in war while they actually are in war with the kingdom you request peace! I also have no idea how you get them to tag along with you or reach the other princesses like Goblin Princess and the Dragonesses as you apparently need to cross water to reach their place…

  5. Goblin Princess is in the southern region of the map.You can access that region by going south from Desert Kingtom to a tower.
    You can find Dragon Princess I in the southern region as well.
    As for Dragon Princess II I already figured it out how to go to her place(you ll have to do some reasearch in older updates to get a hint for that)

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