v0.10 3/12 Test Release is out! v0.10 Preview release is out!

Early December Test Release is out!

-New adult scene (+ animation) for AssAssin Princess!
-Reworked Stats for enemies and party members!
-The “GPS” of the traveling-NPCs is now working!
-New SlimeP campsite event added!
-New InsectP campsite event added!
-Insects don’t declare war to everyone around them as they surface anymore.
-Moth Princess’ Reign is now open! Intro scene added!
-Koboldian Maid costume added!
-Rank 5 + Rank 8 quests for Humans added (use these to get tier-3 and tier-4 equipments)
-Slime Princess’ throne map tweaks
-Various typos/bugs fixed

Next one will feature Moth Princess reign’s grand opening, then we’ll polish what’s needed before releasing it as v0.11!

You can find the new Stats Sheet here!

Also: v0.10 (with all the prevously released patches) is OUT for 1$ Patrons!!!


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