NPCs part 2: "My NPCs are moving on their own~"

Sup guys!

While we keep working on Moth and Golem rework I figured I might show you something more about traveling NPCs.

As I’ve said all of them have different affinities with the princesses in the game, meaning they’ll tend to help some of them, be neutral to other ones and fight the ones they don’t like.

Right now the NPCs can fight in field battles, in sieges and kick the Knight’s ass if they don’t like eachother.

Let me show you how it works:


Amelie the Kobold, one of the 8 (for now) new Patron-NPCs!

Amelie is a kobold, she wears an heavy armour and was raised by a human paladin.
Her lawful nature, together with her spite for the most blasphemous princesses, makes so that she LOVES Human Princess. 
Consider that for NPCs the distance between them and their targets in an important factor before “deciding” where to go.
In this case though, Amelie’s affinity with HumanP is high enough to make her do some crazy things for her…

Her starting position this game was SlimeP’s reign:

That’s a fine position for her to start: HumanP’s castle, the Church and the Tavern, the places she likes more than anything else, are all close enough.
If she’s not busy with anything important, when night comes she’ll move to the Tavern or the Church, to rest her bones and fill her spirit with our Lord’s light.

Let’s tease her a little… Let’s see what happens if Human Princess is sold to Goblin Princess (that may happen after the humans lose against another reign).
The little green one will make preparations in her Auction House for this fine specimen~ 

So I told Amelie to go save Human Princess at the other side of the world. She actually did it, the absolute madman! 
She won’t care about anything else but reaching the goblins Reign to save her beloved Human Princess.
If places herself near GoblinP’s Reign and an auction is taking place she’ll be between the partecipants to buy her or try to save her using only her sword!

If she succeeds… guess who’s going to be in her party next time you fight with Amelie?
And don’t blame her (or the dev), you either didn’t offer enough Choco-Dicks or you didn’t save HumanP in time during a siege.

Is night and there are no princesses in peril. Time to rest~
Night comes, Amelie decided to move to the Tavern, you may join her for a drink, if you like.
If you’re lucky enough she’ll tell you about what Human Princess cooked for her that night~
Have a couple sketches of the new GolemP, maybe you’ll cheer up a little.
“Naked” and “Battle” suits
For all public users, remember: less than 10 days to v0.10 Public Release!


  1. Will we be able to seduce and impregnate other adventurers?(i accidentally asked this on an old post)

  2. Yes, you will be able to seduce the ones we have planned for now. Pregnancy is a tad bit more complicated, it depends on my workload for the next months.

  3. Is the a way to speed up/skip cut scenes and conversations ?

    Such as in other rpg maker games where you hold shift.

  4. Its ok TowerF no need to rush on the pregnancy stuff as someone once said good things come to those that wait and I can definitely wait. :3

  5. Since the latest test release you can hold Ctrl to skip dialogues. Ctrl + Enter for extra speed (at your own risk! )

  6. This game is very fun! Thank for the great game. However i think there is problem with how kobold princess work. she can jump pass every wall and obstacle, then trigger any event without any ghost guild quest that i need to stealth pass the ghost, i use her to jump pass the wall and into the cell and turn the light on without any need to find the key to open the cell.Is it intenional? whatever thank for the game.

    P.S. I need some help with clockwork heart say i need to go find it in the desert but i can't find it anywhere. i seacehed every place in desert region and in the golem tower(like the quest suggest),but still no sign of heart. I am getting desperated here pls help.

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