Added X-Input controller support!

You asked for it and here it is.
Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest now supports XInput compatible controllers!
The controls will be mappable and everything will be in next Test Version (or in v0.11, depends if I can wrap everything else in a single version).

This is the default control scheme:

The combat feels a great deal comfier now that everything is under control, but if you can keep using the keyboard if you prefer.

More news on NPCs, Moth Princess and everything else premiering in v0.11 will be featured in a big preview, I’ll work on it this weekend.
Until then, cya!

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  1. with the mappable controls in place, will triggers also be an option instead of bumpers? i would love to be able to confirm/attack with the right trigger instead of x, and right bumper for character ability, while using magic/skill with left trigger if possible.

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