Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest v0.10(.3) Public Release!!

It’s Slime Time!

Hey everyone!
It’s time to release v0.10(.3) for everyone to play! Here’s the changelog!

v0.10.3 (Public Release):

  • Fixed transition bug in DPII castle
  • Fixed DogP yandere scene in the tent
  • Minor bugfixes

v0.10.2 (Goodbye Despair Version):

  • Skeleton quest fixed
  • Fixed Goblin elite soldier sprite glitch
  • Human jail resized
  • Fixed the crash during HumanP quest (asking for weapons)
  • Fixed the loop in InsectP’s Hive
  • Riverbank map Fixed
  • Fixed the crash-stone in SkeletonP
  • Fixed KnightP sprite glitch

v0.10.1 (PATCHED Version):

  • Goblin quest doesn’t crash anymore on completion
  • “Knights INC.” level 10 cheat fixed
  • Kobold Mines tiles passability fixed
  • Golem Tower tiles passability fixed
  • GolemP’s Heart and Drider quests don’t crash anymore
  • Delays in helping HumanP during the orcs event results in +1 Corruption to her
  • KobP now gives a speech and get added to the team after the intro if you chose the “Hard mode”
  • Fixed a couple bugs in DragonP I’s basement
  • Fixed some bugs during the dialogue between DragonP I and the Queen in DogP questline
  • HumanP quest crash solved
  • Fixed some typos around
  • Slime Princess is in her room when you save her from a Golem siege now
  • Golem soldiers are shown fighting if there’s Insect sieging their castle now
  • Scorpions have melee attacks now (needed for rapes)


  • New Battlerape system!
  • 7 new adult animations!
  • Slime Princess’ reign and quest reworked!
  • New adult scene featuring Slime Princess!
  • Dragon Princess I questline ending!
  • New Corruption system!
  • Our Lord’s Church added to cleanse impure Princesses!
  • New Intro sequence!
  • New Lewd stats menu!
  • Faun’s Tavern is open!
  • “Knight’s INC.” and new quest system (17 new quests + 10 reworked ones)!
  • New portraits for Slime Princess, Faun Princess, Goblin Princess and Dusk Princess!
  • New message window!
  • New enemy detection system!
  • Fullscreen mode (F5)!
  • Diplomacy reworked!
  • Memory load issues solved!
  • FPS issues solved! (50~60 FPS in almost all the maps where you can move)
  • Many, MANY, bugs fixed, I can’t possibly list all of them, but to say one the moving platform in Sphinx Fortress’ isn’t a problem anymore!

Download links: MEGA / Mediafire

Thank you for following this project!
If you’d like to support us, visit our Patreon page and become our patron, to get immediate rewards and to try new features before anyone else!

These are just some of the new things the Patrons are already testing:

  • New adult scene (+ animation) for AssAssin Princess!
  • Added Slaves Auctions
  • Added the first 11 Patron NPCs in the Tavern
  • Added costumes system (on KobP/HumP/GobP/DesP for now)
  • DPI is now rapeable if you use a Dragon Bane on her during the final fight
  • New KoboldP portraits
  • New sprites!
  • Added Church’s BGM
  • Resized GoblinP’s artworks during her adult scene
  • Hold Ctrl to skip through dialogues
  • Reworked Stats for enemies and party members!
  • The “GPS” of the traveling-NPCs is now working!
  • New SlimeP campsite event added!
  • New InsectP campsite event added!
  • Insects don’t declare war to everyone around them as they surface anymore.
  • Moth Princess’ Reign is now open! Intro scene added!
  • Koboldian Maid costume added!
  • Rank 5 + Rank 8 quests for Humans added (use these to get tier-3 and tier-4 equipments)
  • Slime Princess’ throne map tweaks
  • Various typos/bugs fixed

Remember that, on Christmas Eve, if you’ve been a good boy this year…

Will she jingle your bells?


  1. How do I take care of the poisonous plants in the Slime Kingdom's spring I tried Usnug's ability to cut the plants but they won't cut. I thought it makes since.

  2. With the quest rock smash I couldn't smash a single rock except for the blue clustered of crystals.

  3. I found the problem, the quest Fouled waters seemed to not allow me to do Rock Smash. I think?

  4. Is anyone else having a problem with DogP quest line when you have to meet the Hooded sprite? I enter the forest and the npc does something that makes it turn ghost like and doesn't allow you to talk with him at all. I have tried doing the route over a couple times and saving before hand no idea whats wrong.

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