NPCs! Part 2

It’s about time I introduce some new NPCs (part 1 here)!
Consider these designs as NOT final, there’s still much we can tweak about them.

NPCs ~ Merchants

Lina and Trevor early designs!

As you would expect from merchants they will sell you a variety of useful items, but their main trade is something else…
The both of them will be the main source of costumes for your Princesses, but what they will ask from you is really different!
While Lina, as a passionate cosplayer, will ask you for Princess’ memorabilia and give (mostly) SFW costumes in change, Trevor, a huge pervert, will ask you to sneak in their room to steal their panties and will reward you with lewd costumes!

They’ll both have something going with Merchant Princess, as you would expect from fellow merchants, but we’ll talk about it at a later time.

NPCs ~ Slaves

A slaved drow is in GoblinP’s hands. Are you willing to spend a bunch of Choco-Dicks on her?

I’m sure that, if you played v0.11, you know that when a Princess gets defeated without a knight (or a NPC adventurer) by her side she may end up sold to Goblin Princess. After a day or two you may find her available in the goblins’ Slaves Market.

But it’s not only Princesses ending up there, this drow wants to return to her people and wouldn’t mind rewarding the Knight for his help!

There’s still more incoming, I’ll make a third NPC post as soon as I have the sketches ready!


  1. OMG that little drow is so cute! If we rescue her can she work in the tavern? Her outfit would be huge there.

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