NPCs! Part 3

Aaand more NPCs!

NPCs ~ Adventurer (2)

Just like Amelie the Kobold, Micheal is a NPC that can move freely in the Kingdom.
The main difference with Amelie is that he hates your guts!
He’s into refined girls, like Human Princess, and won’t forgive you if you associate with the more blasphemous ones (namely Skeleton, Goblin and Dragons).

NPCs ~ Alchemists

Crowley Reed, the alchemist, screwed up big time: he lost his crow.
Rather, to be correct, his crow ran away from him, and the bird will ask your help (yep, he talks) for gathering the reagents for a powerful concoction.
Will you help him? Will you bring him back to his owner?
A crazy quest of crows, viruses and Bunsen burners awaits you!

There’s only 1 last spot for a new NPC, then I’ll finish up the ones I presented you (there’s still a couple more left), before accepting new applications!

Thank you and… oh shit, it’s February already!


  1. I want to fight the other adventurers (and maybe subjugate them). I want all the princesses and I won't stand for anyone trying to take them!

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