Animation Gallery and more!


We’ve been asked since long ago for a gallery where one could see all the animations in the game, but why do it the easy way?!

This is how it works:

First you’ll have to reach the NPC in charge of it, in her lovely witch hut.

This sheepgirl has her own peaceful place, far away from civilization.

Here, after a cutscene, you’ll be able to decide between 3 options:
  • To train with her
  • To check what you learned
  • To proceed with her questline
Let’s talk about point 1 and 2 for now, since they’re the ones related to the gallery.
If you decide to train with her, after paying a fee, she will shapeshift into one of the other Princesses and do lewd things with you~.
The animation is randomly picked, but you can pay more Choco-Dicks for an higher chance to play an animation you didn’t play before.
We’ll call any animation you play this way “Soft-Unlocked“.

From this menu you will be able to decide which animation to replay. Only unlocked ones can be replayed!

Soft-Unlocked animations can be replayed if you ask her to check what you learned, but they will be locked again if you go to NG+!

If, instead, you manage to see an animation while playing normally, that one will be “Hard-Unlocked“.
Hard-Unlocked animations will remain unlocked even after you go to NG+!
This way you can have a complete gallery even if you follow single routes during your playthroughs!
You will be able to test this new feature, along with many more, in v0.11.1, the Test Version that will be out on the 15th, only for Patrons.
v0.11.1 changelog has been updated, since we managed to add more things!
  • *NEW* War Declaration animations added!

  • *NEW* Traveling NPCs routing improved
    (they can now move between regions without you following their movements)
    (they won’t travel anymore to defeated or “sleeping” reigns)
  • 3 new campsite events for Human Princess!
  • A new animation for Human Princess!
  • [NPC]~Babs~ The ingame gallery!
  • [NPC]~Amelie~ A new quest for her!
  • The first floor of the Big Huge Dungeon (Mimic Princess)!
  • New sprites for many monsters and princesses!
  • New maps for Golem’s tower and throne!
  • Various visual fixes (like the choco-dicks icon over some dialogue windows)
Thank you for your support! More news and previews will come later this month!


  1. Hey you got a minute to answer questions because I gotta tell you about the diary of the princesses

    There's 1 that doesn't have any words on it what's it for

  2. This may be a stretch, but maybe–just maybe–if there's nothing in the diary…then the diary and the princess it's supposed to keep track of aren't done yet.

    Just a theory.

  3. There's only 3 diaries for now (kobold,slime,Human) and they're all supposed to work. Which one is giving you problems and where are you using it? Thank you~

  4. hey i just wanna mention something
    whenever i reach dog princess the game crashes when i read the letter or try do enter the room, is it incomplete or am i possibly doing something wrong

  5. After I talk with the kobold in the campfire the screen stays black, I can open the menu but the screen just stays black no matter how long I wait. how do I fix that?

  6. Hey I am quite confused on a certain part of the game. In the Sphinx's Fortress there is the riddle “Stop the unstoppable monster to proceed.” Well I am not sure what it means since I have stopped it by having get hit by a bolder and not being able to move, but the path won't open. I have also tried killing it by slashing it over 100 times and it does not do it. Do i need a certain item to stop it?

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